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In Congo, "A Dead Rat Is Worth More Than the Body of a Woman"

Sexual violence against women in the African nation has become an "incredibly inexpensive tool for controlling and eviscerating the population," says Eve Ensler, founder of the advocacy group V-Day.

Sexual violence against women occurs everywhere in the world, yet a strife-torn pocket of the Democratic Republic of Congo has recently become a global focal point for such attacks as incidents of rape, violence and brutality have skyrocketed.

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How Female Economic Power Improves Society

As women gain more financial clout, their spending patterns direct more money toward education, health and community.

Technology & Innovation

With greater educational opportunities yielding better jobs for women than ever before, female spending power has become a central engine of the economy—and is changing the world for the better.

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The "Glass Ceiling" Is Actually a Labyrinth

Northwestern University professor Alice Eagly says the highest leadership positions today are more open to women than ever—but there are female-specific branches at each career stage that lead many away.

Technology & Innovation

As notable women have reached the highest echelons of business, and as women have surpassed men in higher education, it's tempting to think that the idea of a "glass ceiling" is becoming outdated. But research indicates that prejudice still persists in the workforce in the form of wage, employment and opportunity gaps.

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The Female—And Extreme-Female—Brain

Research suggests that not only are male and female brains different, but that they exist on a spectrum with autism and psychosis at either end.

Surprising Science

Ideas that one sex has an inherent genetic advantage over the other have long been held as taboo, lest low-level biological variance be unfairly and unscientifically used to prop up gender stereotypes.  But new research finds that baseline genetic differences in the brain do affect a person's psychological worldview—creating specific real-world advantages and disadvantages for each gender.  

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