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Are Atheists Better Comedians for Their Irreverence? Jim Gaffigan Doesn't Think So

Why does Jim Gaffigan tell clean jokes? Jesus Christ told him to, obviously. The real reason, which Gaffigan explains here, takes him through the history of comedy and satire in American.

Jim Gaffigan: The Measure of a Man Is How He Treats Women

What is masculinity? Should gentlemen watch pornography? How do we raise sons to be better than their fathers? What's for dinner? Comedian Jim Gaffigan mulls over these big questions and more.

Top Video of 2016 #7: Jim Gaffigan Says Liberals Are Wrong to Dismiss Trump Supporters

This election has scored high for entertainment value, but it's put our humanity through the mill. Comedian Jim Gaffigan is here to talk some sense back into us as people, rather than voters.

Jim Gaffigan: Self-Awareness Is Essential in Comedy — and In Life

Whether you're on stage or just meeting new people, comedian Jim Gaffigan believes that self-awareness is the key to winning over your audience.

Jim Gaffigan on Political Correctness, Freedom, and "Game of Thrones"

Is political correctness just censorship in disguise? If so, do comedians have an obligation to fight against it? Comedian Jim Gaffigan on the limits of speech, freedom, and our self-knowledge.