The last few decades will be viewed as the catalyst decade in the creation of a global community. We are establishing the ability for more people to follow their dreams and access the resources necessary to accomplish these dreams. This is happening around the globe as we see more global citizens emerge from below subsistence to productive members of our global community than has ever been seen before. What must happen now is we must address democracy, freedom and rights. How do we achieve greater participation, further maximization of individual utility and continued growth around the world. In my opinion the answer is less government. Allow global citizens to move, communicate, choose and lead. In doing so we will create productivity, wealth and a stronger society for all. The last time we were in this position was the earlier 1900's... unfortunately there was a drastic reversal lead by a protectionist, anti-globalization movement, we're back, we can't make the same mistake.

The purest form of capitalism is the purest form of democracy. Any structural contraints placed on capitalist markets and democracy contrain the ability of the market and each individual to reach optimal utility.