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How To Protect Your Car From Hackers

The FBI issued a PSA this week warning us of how hackers can take control of our cars. Its time for a software upgrade.

Why We May End Up No Longer Carrying Cash

Researchers at the University College of London have proposed the development of a centralized digital currency. It's unlike Bitcoin, but has all its benefits.

How Much Personal Data Do You Give Your ISP?

The Chairman of the FCC is proposing significant new rules that allow consumers to better protect their data from ISPs.

What The Apps On Your Phone Say About You

Researchers have discovered that the apps you have installed on your phone can predict your age, income, gender, and marital status. 

Why Trump Is a Twitter Genius

Donald Trump's savvy Twitter campaign is helping him win the presidential nomination.

How WhatsApp Provided Early Warning for the Zika Outbreak

Infectious disease doctors in Brazil — as well as mothers of infants born with microcephaly — are using WhatsApp to diagnose and cope with the Zika-caused illness.

Most Americans Think Apple Should Let The FBI In

Apple thinks the government is wrong to seek a "backdoor" to its operating system. Most Americans think the government is right.

How Your Stolen Data Travels the Dark Web

Ever wonder what happens when your credit card number, Google credentials, and online banking password get stolen?

Do You Think 'Mr. Robot' Is Scary? You Should.

Our technologies possess intention, delicately guiding and influencing our most human behaviors in ways we haven’t considered.

Is There Such a Thing as Facebook Colonialism?

In a row over how to bring Internet access to India's poorest, Facebook almost sounds colonial.

Five Things You Can Do Right Now to Keep Your Child Safe Online

Two Virginia Tech students, David Eisenhauer, 18, and Natalie Keepers, 19, are at the center of a murder investigation. So is the social media app Kik.

Are E-Sports Really Sports?

This year's Winter X Games awarded medals to Halo 5: Guardians competitors and some professional athletes aren't happy about it.

How Facebook Foiled Gun Sellers Who Tried to Dodge the Law

Wading into the gun control debate, Facebook has announced it will restrict person-to-person sales of firearms on its platform.

What Appalachian Culture Teaches Us about Technology

The immersive nature of virtual reality is worrying. We need to fully understand the path we’re headed down as new technologies are seemingly recreating our physical, kinetic lives.

How Barbie Brought Attention to Securing the Internet of Things

Hello Barbie, the new interactive doll from Mattel, has some security flaws. As the Internet of Things becomes a reality, manufacturers must make security a priority.

How Grace Hopper's Clock Can Make Your New Year Better

"Humans are allergic to change,” Grace Hopper once said. “They love to say, 'We've always done it this way.' I try to fight that. That's why I have a clock on my wall that runs counter-clockwise."

Why Coding Matters

Learning how to code will get you a job and a salary. More importantly, it allows you the freedom of understanding that you can solve problems that seem overwhelming.

How a Mobile App Preserves History and What You Can Do To Help

This weekend, StoryCorps is asking us to interview our older relatives about their lives and upload it to the Library of Congress. What a wonderful way to spend your holiday.

Does Buying Sex Slaves Back From ISIS Fund Terrorism?

ISIS routinely traffics and sells captured women and girls. Is buying them back fueling more terrorism?

How You Can Stop Terrorism

Want to know how you can help stop ISIL? Stop buying their brand.

How Social Media Helps Us in Emergencies

In times of emergency, many of us reach for our phones. They are vital to the safety and security of our families, friends, and colleagues.

Why Smart People Do Stupid Things Behind The Wheel

Most of us are reasonable, thoughtful people. Why can't we stop texting, emailing, and posting status updates while driving?

Why You Should Encrypt Everything and the Reason You Probably Don't

Why does much of the world stubbornly resist data and email encryption? Why don’t we enable it on all our devices all the time?

Was It Right for Anonymous to Dox the KKK?

Is the public disclosure of someone’s membership in an organization — indeed, a racist one — a proper display of dissent? Do the ends always justify the means?

Want to Find Out if Where You Live is 'Haunted' by a 'Ghost?'

Modern, 21st century technology gives us access to data that, until now, was hard to find and tough to decipher. Is "knowing" everything a good thing?

There’s No Such Thing As Safe Sext

Conclusively, taking explicit photos and texting them to someone is a bad idea. 

Can Using an App Make You Racist?

Posh retailers are using an app to report suspicious customers. And the app seems to be changing them for the worse. 

Rule 34: Why Technology Has Forced Playboy To Drop Nude Photos

Last year almost 80 billion videos were watched on Pornhub, the world's largest repository of free online porn. No wonder Playboy has to rethink its revenue stream.

How The Internet Helped Me Conquer My Fear Of Flying

Until the Internet was allowed on commercial flights, the solution to assuage my fear of flying was to find the nearest airport pub and throw a few back before boarding the plane. That’s all changed.

Selfies and the Corrosion of Human Memory

In an attempt to be original, to stand out amongst the almost 300 million other selfies on Instagram, we actually fade into the background. We become mundane. Photos are no longer about remembering an event; they’re about displaying. They’re about showing the world who we are, who we wish to be. And it's damaging our ability to remember.

Hunting Bears: The Rise of Fantasy Sports Wagering

Fueled by mobile apps, easy access, and lax oversight, Fantasy sports betting has rapidly risen in the last year. Companies like DraftKings and FanDuel generate income that rivals traditional sports betting, primarily because US lawmakers exempted fantasy sports from a decades-long ban of online gambling.

Hookup Culture and the Spread of Disease

The transmission of disease via sex is nothing new, and neither is the insular response. 

Hurtcore Porn and the Dark Web: Why We Need an Ethics of Technology

Lately, we’ve become so infatuated with creating the next big thing, rushing headlong into crafting new technologies that we’ve neglected to think through the ethics of it. Just because we can doesn’t mean we should.

It's Not Technology That Sucks, It's You

Using technology is like having sex. We like the fun, the feelings, and the connection with others. But if aren’t mindful of downstream consequences like having babies, spreading disease, and dealing with psycho ex-lovers, we can end up in situations that we never anticipated.