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Does Time Exist? Why Our Gut Feelings Are No Match For Physics

Physicists' ideas about the nature and existence of time may seem incongruent with our experience of it, but author James Gleick makes a case for why we need to keep an open mind.

Is Time Travel Possible? Only Since 1895

The idea of time travel, so familiar to us now, was unheard-of before H.G. Wells's 1895 book The Time Machine. Since then, notions of time travel have blossomed in fascinating ways.

James Gleick: Information Without Meaning

James Gleick ponders the paradox in information theory that since information is based on surprise, it is also chaotic and in many cases devoid of meaning.

James Gleick on the Common Character Traits of Geniuses

Today's video is part of a series on female genius, in proud collaboration with 92Y's 7 Days of Genius Festival.

Information is Surprise

A bit, the smallest unit of information, the fundamental particle of information theory, is a choice, yes or no, on or off. 

The Underlying Logic of Codes and Memes

Memes are biological entities that perpetuate themselves through history by replicating and by competing in a Darwinian fashion.

The State of Pure Research

My fear is that there's a lot of pressure on public corporations no matter how well intentioned their managers are to produce results.