The writer's block happens because the pool of  the inner experiences which form the inspiration for writing has temporarily dried and it will be a while before it re-fills with fresh ones .The best thing will be to wait till this happens as otherwise you will be producing stuff which appears forced and without conviction.

When we are limiting economics to merely explaining everything we mean it has limited  application in using  to control our affairs and direct  economic behaviour towards the individual good or collective welfare. What we mean is that it is a mere post facto thing and not a tool for guiding the economic affairs of the community or the individual. This of course is a controversial thing to say .But the real question is whether economics explains everything. when we say economics can explain everything we say that humans collectively behave in particular ways which lend themselves to being read as patterns .I really do not know if large thought movements in a market which is globalised can be spotted and economice decisions taken on the basis of such knowledge. However the herd mentality can perhaps be mapped by a close understanding of the market but surely over short spans of time and not across years or decades.

I have a different view on this .Intelligence is the ability to quickly grasp knowledge ,read patterns ,anticipate movements ,crystallise knowledge on the basis of available data,use words to further mental progression and direct flows of thought in groups.Wisdom is something more down-to-earth ,depending upon the shared knowledge of the community and is more practical ,concerning itself with  self-preservation than with pursuit of knowledge. It is a cliched thinking to say that older people are repositories of wisdom while the younger ones are "intelligent" .Both the young and the old can be wise and/or intelligent.

If poetry is indeed emotion recollected in tranquillity or the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings as Wordsworth believed,it certainly cannot be translated because the language used by the poet is uniquely his own ,created as part of his own poetic experience.A translator may try to recreate his experience by simulating for himself a similar one and try to re-create it for others in an alien language.But that is a mere approximation.

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