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Are humans hardwired for monogamy?

Evolution steered humans toward pair bonding to ensure the survival of genes. But humans tend to get restless.

Is love an addiction?

Love triggers the same regions of your brain as cocaine addiction.

Brain in love: The science of attachment in relationships

What areas of the brain are activated when you feel a cosmic connection with someone?

Has Online Dating Changed the Way We Love Each Other?

An anthropologist weighs in on how dating apps like Tinder and online dating sites change the way we love.

The Brain Has 3 Systems for Mating — Combined, They Promote Adultery

Even though adultery is punishable by death in some societies, it still occurs regularly. This tells Dr. Helen Fisher there is probably a genetic predisposition toward cheating on your partner.

Here's a Neurochemical Profile of 3 Presidential Candidates — And Their Supporters

Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders: The biology of their brains is different from one another, which shows in their speech, behavior, and in who their supporters are.

The science behind maintaining a happy long-term relationship

We all want to have a good, stable relationship with somebody, says Dr. Helen Fisher. So it's important to understand how intense romantic love affects our long-term goals.

Why Casual Sex Doesn’t Exist

In a study that asked 515 people why they went into a hookup, 50 percent of women and 52 percent of men reported that they hoped to trigger a longer relationship.