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Quantum Telepathy: Why Science Needs Weird Ideas to Advance

George Musser explains the central role of weirdness in physics, and shatters the dreams of those who hope humans can one day tap into psychic powers.

Does Quantum Nonlocality Violate Einstein's Theory of Relativity?

The ability of particles to coordinate their behavior across distances may seem to violate the speed-of-light constant, but is a signal really being sent between them? Or does Einstein still reign?

When Einstein challenged Bohr, a new universe was born

Scientific advancement is more than a series of experiments: it is often a debate among scientists with fundamentally different points of view. Niels Bohr knew this firsthand thanks to Einstein.

Multiple Universes Can't Explain Reality — The Idea That Can Is Even Stranger

The positing of universes parallel to ours, to explain the behavior of quantum mechanics, may seem like the weirdest idea ever. But it might be just the second-weirdest idea ever.