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Why the 'alpha male' stereotype is wrong

Big and strong? That's not what makes an alpha male, says primatolgist Frans de Waal.

Why people (and chimps) throw temper tantrums

Primatologist Frans de Waal explains the primal instinct that unites humans and chimpanzees.

Morality Without Religion

Can we dispatch with religion altogether?

The Biological Basis of Moral Relativism

Biology gives us the general moral sense and the general ability to develop a moral system but the specific rules that we apply in our society are not necessarily given by biology.

It's Not a Dog-Eat-Dog World, After All

Darwin literally said that many of the social instincts, as he called it, of the animals are represented in our human morality.

The Moral Heroism of Chimpanzees

Darwin may not have seen that a seemingly altruistic primate can also be quite disastrously aggressive. 

Love Bonobos for What They Are

There are many people who love Bonobos precisely for the reason that they are what they are.

When Altruism Defies Evolutionary Logic

Adoption is very common in the human species even though you don’t get much back from it.

Why I'm an Animal Lover

I study animals not to understand humans necessarily although that has become my business, of course.