Maybe God Didn't Intend His Existence to be Easy to Determine

What’s the evidence for the idea that God exists or doesn’t exist?

Certainly the social biologists have put forward arguments that religion could have an evolutionary basis, that we humans are designed in a certain way to look for agency behind actions that we don’t understand. That may then relate to why various cultures over time have identified something mysterious and supernatural outside of their own experience to try to explain things that didn’t otherwise have an explanation. 

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Helping Research Projects Over the 'Valley of Death'

The so-called ‘Valley of Death’ is where a lot of research projects die. 

We are experiencing right now a remarkable deluge of discovery in terms of the causes of disease, much of it coming out of genomics, the ability to pinpoint at the molecular level what pathway has gone awry in causing a particular medical condition.  And that in itself is exciting because it’s new information, but what you really want to do is to take that and push that forward into clinical benefit. 

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How Do You Measure Return on Investment in Medicine?

Francis Collins: we need to be prepared at any moment to defend the choices we’ve made as having had the best chance of benefiting real people out there who are counting on the NIH to use their money wisely.  

Return on investment is always an interesting question when it comes to medical research.  What would you call “return?”  Is it that you’ve published a certain number of papers?  Well, that is one metric I suppose and that they are in high impact journals, that’s another metric.  But really what we’re about is trying to help people. 

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