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Ethan Hawke: You are everything and you are nothing

The actor's greatest heroes exhibited humility in their actions, a view he tries to emulate.

Ethan Hawke: Your Subconscious Is More Sophisticated than Your Intellect

Nothing kills creativity like overthinking it. Jumping from anecdote to anecdote from his incredible career, Ethan Hawke illustrates why letting your subconscious steer the ship will get you to a more honest, creative place than your intellect ever could.

Ethan Hawke: Success Is as Simple as Setting Achievable Goals

As an actor, director, screenwriter, and novelist, Ethan Hawke knows how to get things done. The secret to his success is taking small, progressive steps to a larger goal. It's just that simple.

Ethan Hawke on "Boyhood," Chet Baker, and What Makes a Good Artist

Actor, writer, and director Ethan Hawke discusses what qualities make a good artist, and why it's important to be accept ridicule for taking risk on the path toward artistic success.

Ethan Hawke on Donald Trump, Having Integrity, and Johnny Cash

Free speech is paramount, but how you use your speech defines you as a person. When our politicians stop demanding the moral high ground, we are in a very dangerous place, says Hawke.