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Bipolar Politics: The Beginning and End of the Two-Party System

Modern American society is built on the twin concepts of “democracy” and “freedom.” But if we truly believe in democracy and freedom, then we have no alternative but to get rid of the archaic laws that force us to vote for only one candidate.

Reformation Politics: The Occupied State of the Union

In this imagined, alternative State of the Union address, playwright and political blogger Eric Sanders proposes sweeping structural changes, including a "people's congress" with veto power. 

Occupy Wall Street: A Giant Human Hashtag

Since, at its heart, Occupy Wall Street is a conversation about values that is leading to direct action -- a beta test for a better society -- people should not despair that it is a “leaderless movement.”

How to Deal With the Police

Eric Sanders, an active participant in Occupy Wall Street, offers advice to protesters for maintaining peaceful relations with the police.