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The Three Main Goals for Preventing Nuclear Disaster, with Eric Schlosser

Author Eric Schlosser discusses what he's learned after writing, publishing, and touring for his book on the illusion of safety associated with nuclear weapons.

The History of America's Nuclear Weapon Chain of Command, with Eric Schlosser

Who launches a nuclear weapon if the president has been killed? Investigative journalist Eric Schlosser explains the chilling history of American nuclear authority and chain of command.

Injustice in the American Food Industry, with Eric Schlosser

Investigative journalist Eric Schlosser serves as executive producer for the new documentary "Food Chains." In this video, he discusses the injustices of the American food industry.

Nuclear Catastrophe: How Much Risk is Acceptable? With Eric Schlosser

Investigative journalist Eric Schlosser describes the terrifyingly close calls we've had with nuclear weapons, and the odds that a disaster would result in global catastrophe.