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What Is Human Nature? Paleolithic Emotions, Medieval Institutions, God-Like Technology

To understand ourselves, our creativity and emotions, we must grapple with our pre-human existence.

E.O. Wilson: Synthetic Biology Will Radically Change the World

The legendary biologist talks about ultimate biology breakthroughs we can expect in the next several decades and how the creation of artificial life, coupled with the advancement of artificial intelligence, will change the human race.

Pheromones and Other Stimuli We Humans Don't Get, with E.O. Wilson

Biologist Edward O. Wilson takes us through several natural stimuli that humans don't understand yet are used by various animals to navigate and communicate within communities.

E.O. Wilson on the Importance of Biodiversity

The famous biologist discusses his life's work in conservation and his efforts to save the ecosphere.

E.O. Wilson: What Does E.T. Really Look Like?

The Pulitzer-winning biologist draws from our own knowledge of evolution and Darwinian theory to posit the physical and mental characteristics of extraterrestrial life.

Science, Not Philosophy, Will Explain the Meaning of Existence

Biologist Edward O. Wilson calls philosophy a "highly endangered academic species" and suggests that explaining the meaning of human existence necessarily falls to science instead.