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Want To Live Longer? Go Nuts!

But there's one big caveat...

DVDs Are The Vinyl Records For Future Hipsters

The once-revolutionary technology is headed for the landfill, but it offers advantages that modern video formats can't match.

Tracy Morgan's Recovery Speaks to Power of Science

A year after a near-fatal car accident, the comedian has rebounded from a traumatic brain injury.   

Wanted: 430,000-Year-Old Murder Suspect

Analysis of skeletal remains suggests we've found one of earliest known homicide victims. 

Like Humans, Birds Are Smart Shoppers

Birds can differentiate empty peanut shells from full ones — without even cracking them open.

David Letterman Would Be the Undisputed Web Series King

The late-night host's departure from television is yet another reminder that our media consumption is changing.

Losing By A Small Margin Is Actually Encouraging

Whether we're professional athletes or cellphone gamers, falling just short of our goals can be motivating, not crushing.

Leaving Depression Unchecked Elevates Stroke Risk

A study suggests that long-term depression can more than double one's chances of suffering a stroke.