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Why your brain does dumb things, and how to smarten up

The human brain is an incredible marvel of evolution. But what's even more incredible is how this supercomputer in your head is able to occasionally make such dumb mistakes.

Time Is a Puzzle to Scientists, but Your Brain Has It All Figured Out

Your brain doesn't have a watch. It doesn't know hours or minutes—but it does understand cause and effect. And it uses this in a way to figure out time.

Consciousness is a narrative created by your unconscious mind

There’s a good chance that as you’re reading this you’re somewhat unconscious. Just how much is your brain not telling you? Neuroscientist Dean Buonomano peeks behind the curtain of your own brain.

How Your Mental State Affects Your Experience of Time

How we remember time is vastly different to how we experience it, says neuroscientist Dean Buonomano.

Mental time travel: Your brain is literally a time machine

Our consciousness distinguishes us from other animals. From an evolutionary perspective, consciousness gives humans a powerful advantage by allowing us to plan far into the future.

Two Theories of Time, and What They Mean for Time Travel

When it comes to time, and what the heck it actually is, there's a clash of ideas between physics and neuroscience.