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The genius behind creating things too impractical to buy

How do companies keep getting you to buy the "latest and greatest" iteration of the product you already own? By testing the boundaries.

How the mind makes new ideas: Bending, breaking, blending

How does humanity arrive at great ideas? Simple: we take already great ideas and just arrive at even greater ideas.

Hits and misses: How neuroscience can boost your creativity

Some say that great ideas come out of thin air. Neuroscientist David Eagleman posits that perhaps all great ideas are simply built upon old ideas, because thats what fuels the creative brain.

Understanding Creativity: Why Brain Hacks Don't Help

Everyone thinks they know how to make their brain more creative and have better ideas.

How to increase your will power? Make a Ulysses pact with yourself

The only thing between you and your better self is your brain. Programmed to maximize short term reward, we often find ourselves struggling between what we want and what we want to want.

A Crucial Fact about the Brain Is Missing When We Address the Problem of Violence

Many people are quite sure of what's needed after a tragedy, yet there is a lot of disagreement. How can this be? It's all about how the brain can form widely different opinions inside different people.

My Latest Adventures in the Sensory World

We will be able to enhance the natural sensory capabilities that humans have, and I think this is where technology and the brain have a very fertile meeting ground.

The CEO of Consciousness

Consciousness is essentially the company president that has to arbitrate all the different mechanisms. 

How Your Brain Slows Down Time

Your assessment of how long something took has a lot to do with how much energy your brain has to burn during the event. 

Why You Can't Keep a Secret

Keeping a secret is quite bad for you because it causes a lot of stress. 

Unsolved Mysteries of Neuroscience: The Binding Problem

How all the parts of the brain come together so that you have a unified perception of the world is one of the unsolved mysteries in neuroscience. 

Your Brain, the CEO

Think of consciousness as essentially the company president that has to arbitrate all the different mechanisms. 

It's Time to Sail the Inner Cosmos of the Brain

As soon as we abandon the first intuitions we have, that we’re the ones in control of everything, then we can start sailing into the inner cosmos and discovering all sorts of new planets and life forms and things like that on the inside of our skulls.