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What's the Best Way to Measure Teachers?

You have good teachers of all different personality types, all different sizes and shapes.  And so this is an art, this is not a science. 

The Seven Most Important People in a Child's Life

What you remember from your high school teachers is not so much the curriculum, you remember the way of being that teacher possessed. 

In Defense of Testing

I think we need tests and we need to apply those tests to individual teachers, to individual schools, to individual students and to individual parents.

The key to success? Remind yourself of how little you know.

You don’t want to be so modest that you don’t’ do anything, and just sit there like a puddle, but when you do things, you constantly want to be checking for your own biases.

We Don't Trust What We Can't Count, Even If It's the Most Important Thing

That thing which we call culture, which is sort of the zeitgeist, the feel of an atmosphere is really hard to count and measure, and very hard to put into numbers.  And yet it tends to be the most important thing.