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Alzheimer's Disease Research is Pointing in a Very Surprising New Direction

Whatever the cause or the reason for the presence of fungus in Alzheimer’s patients, it highlights the notion that we know less than we think about fungi.

Is Streaming Plasma the New Fossil Fuel?

If we have serious ambitions to live on Mars, it might be.

What Thomas Jefferson's Secret Lab Says About American Values

Thomas Jefferson is probably most famous for drafting the Declaration of Independence, but the indelible legal document is just one of many intriguing facts about the man.

When Quitting Can Actually Help You Get Ahead

Vince Lombardi famously once said, "Winners never quit. Quitters never win." But a new study finds otherwise.

If Artificial Intelligence is Like a Cat, What Animal Are Humans?

This is a great way of understanding the difference between artificial intelligence and genuine intelligence, i.e., human intelligence.

Does Putting Prostitutes in Jail Really Stop Prostitution?

Have we learnt nothing from the racist, ineffective laws that form the basis of America's longest war: the War on Drugs?

Edward Snowden Opens Twitter Account, Follows Only the NSA

As Snowden’s public profile continues to grow, it will be interesting to see how governments navigate their criticisms of him.

Why Overly Altruistic People Make Us Uncomfortable

It's not that doing good is bad. Rather we get uncomfortable around those who are more altruistic than ourselves.

Losing Sleep Can Really Wreck Your Emotional Well-being

We become emotionally distracted when we don’t sleep, which can hinder our ability to read situations and people.

Is the World About to Run Out of Human Labor?

Two British economists argue that the plummeting birth rate combined with increased life expectancy worldwide will cause a labor shortage in the upcoming decades.

Was Western Philosophy Derived from Eastern Spiritualism?

Finding direct links between Buddhism and Western philosophy is a difficult task, but they do play out in strange loops.

Empathetic Children Are Better at Learning

In a study, the least gullible children were the ones who accurately interpreted emotional cues as well as the most verbally capable.

Making America Great Again Means Funding Scientific Research

Scientific innovation is not only one of America’s greatest successes, but also what makes America great.

Is it Lying that Makes Us Truly Human?

Lying is deception. It’s also human: 60 percent of us can’t go for longer than 10 minutes without doing it.

Being American May Be a Hazard to Your Health

America is one of the wealthiest nations in the world, so how could people from much poorer ones be better off health-wise than us?

Why Don’t We Hear From Aliens? They May Encrypt All Their Data.

When Neil deGrasse Tyson recently sat down with infamous whistle blower Edward Snowden, the topic of alien encryption came into the mix.

Foreign DNA trapped inside you may be changing your behavior

There may be another human’s DNA trapped inside of you. This foreign DNA could potentially influence which hand is dominant or the propensity to develop Alzheimer’s.

To Give Yourself Great Advice, Get Outside Yourself

European researchers have created a virtual reality simulation where participants can give advice to themselves — as Sigmund Freud.

Your Brain Isn't a Computer — It's a Quantum Field

By examining our minds at a quantum level, we change them, and by changing them, we change the reality that shapes them.

Can a $1 Million 'Idea Prize' Stop a Superpower Conflict?

A philosophy school with a $1 million dollar prize believes that knowledge truly is power.

Is America Behind in the Drone Revolution?

If you live in China, Finland, or Switzerland, you could be closer to receiving your packages from flying robots. Meanwhile, the FAA is not taking action on drone regulation.

For Aging Europe, Refusing Refugees Is Bad Economics

Both Germany and Sweden, two countries that have accepted a large proportion of asylum seekers, also have strong economies.

The Decline of Western Influence — and Values

The rise of China. The power of Russia. The spread of ISIS. Are Western values (i.e. democracy, human rights, and popular sovereignty) losing their influence in the world?

For Europe, How Many Refugees Are Too Many Refugees?

Europe is scrambling to find any solution besides accepting displaced people, but with 4 million refugees and growing, the problem is beyond containing it to Syria and the region.

Pitifully Few — U.S. to Take Only 10,000 Syrian Refugees

So far, the White House has promised to allow 10,000 Syrians into the country, but that’s a far cry from Turkey’s already 2 million.

How global warming and mind-eating parasites are creating a global intelligence gap

For an affluent Western country, the United States has an usually high proportion of its people living in warm-to-tropical climates, which are breeding grounds for parasites.

Alzheimer's Disease Transferred Through Human Growth Hormone

Researchers at the University College of London think they’ve found a link between human growth hormone and the development of the neurodegenerative disease.

Having High Aspirations Can Lead to Depression

When people aspire to outcomes that they could not realistically expect to achieve, they become depressed.

Is it OK for Men to Feel Sad?

The obvious answer is yes, of course. But they often do not show it.

Actions Speak Louder Than Feelings

Getting past your feelings is the first step to overcoming life’s problems. Wallowing in your emotions only holds you back.

Working Hard to Work Hard

Work isn't life, but it is certainly not in a company's best interest to de-prioritize itself for the sake of its workers. What's the solution?


Should A Civil Servant Be Civilly Disobedient?

Since being jailed last week for contempt of court, Kim Davis has emerged as a heroine for the conservative Christian Right.