Dogma-free meditation for calming your mind

How to stay present and stop your mind from fixating.

  • Damien Echols was wrongfully imprisoned and put on death row for 18 years. He credits dogma-free meditation with helping him stay sane during that difficult time.
  • Keeping your mind in the present moment requires practice, but mastering meditation of any kind can show clear medical benefits like lowered blood pressure and better sleep.
  • Damien's meditation technique of choice was Magick, or what he describes as energy circulation via non-religious rituals.
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Innocent on death row: How I survived 18 years

Meditation with a mystical edge? Don't knock magick 'til you've tried it.
  • Damien Echols was a member of the West Memphis Three, a group of young men who were wrongfully convicted of murdering three children. He served nearly 20 years on death row before being exonerated and released.
  • Some have described his plight as exploitative, in that the case became a media circus first and a murder case second.
  • While in prison, he practiced High Magick, a form of theurgical ceremonies and rituals, much in the tradition of Eastern spirituality, but retooled for the Western psyche. He credits it with helping him survive 18 years on death row.
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