Wow! What a loaded question! Of course I have to start out by asking what exactly is love? Recently I heard a good definition of "someone or something you feel safe with". Going with that, I think you can love anything. I definitely love some of my friends. And I also love my dog. Love and friendship can exist as one and the same. One does not have to outlast the other and one does not need to be of greater importance than the other. We love who/what we love.

The biggest issue of the 2008 presidential election should be education. It is essential for Americans, all Americans, to become more socially aware of the country and the world around them. The new government needs to be responsible in forming a plan to lift the veil of ignorance plaguing the country, anywhere from sex education and options to world issues to climate change. All education should be accessible to everyone and not just the priveledged.

Ideally, a good candidate should just listen and address the needs of his/her constituents. A candidates personal beliefs should only be known if it will effect the way they run the country. The idea behind democracy is to elect someone who will represent what the majority of people want to see happen in their country. If a candidates personal beliefs are going to interfere in what the greater good wants, they he/she should not be running for any candidacy anywhere.

Do you think it is ethical for law enforcement to carry taser guns when proper tests have not been conducted to see if they affect the safety of those the tasers are being used on?