Philosophy shrugged: ignoring Ayn Rand won’t make her go away

Ayn Rand champions self-sufficiency, attacks altruism, demonizes public servants, and vilifies government regulations because they hinder individual freedom.

Photo: Atlas Shrugged, Manhattan, New York City, by Anoop Menon via Flickr
Politics & Current Affairs

Philosophers love to hate Ayn Rand. It’s trendy to scoff at any mention of her. One philosopher told me that: ‘No one needs to be exposed to that monster.’ Many propose that she’s not a philosopher at all and should not be taken seriously. The problem is that people are taking her seriously. In some cases, very seriously.

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Simone de Beauvoir’s political philosophy resonates today

A less well-known facet of de Beauvoir's philosophy, particularly relevant today, is her political activism.

A picture taken on July 29, 2013 in Paris, shows a street art work (Simone de Beauvoir) by artist B-toy inside the building known as 'La Tour' in Paris. (Photo: JOEL SAGET/AFP/Getty Images)
Culture & Religion

Simone de Beauvoir is rightly best known for declaring: ‘One is not born, but rather becomes, woman.’ A less well-known facet of her philosophy, particularly relevant today, is her political activism, a viewpoint that follows directly from her metaphysical stance on the self, namely that we have no fixed essences.

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