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Who Should Be Our Heroes Today?

"We need more nurses and more burn wards
Fewer actors collecting dumb awards."

How Atheists Bow Down to the God of Reason

When the atheists are not busy worshiping their various pagan celebrity gods, they turn to their supreme ruler: REASON.

Do Not Name Your Child Paris or Britney!

If the capitalist economy survives another generation, then rest assured that what is in great demand today will be reviled tomorrow. Avoid following the crowd, anticipate the future.

Why Catman Cohen Chose to Become a Politically Incorrect Musician

No longer merely a shepherd for generational rebellion, the music industry has transmogrified into a champion of societal decadence and just about anything for a buck.

Powerful Gatekeepers are Taking Control of the Internet

The emergence of powerful internet institutions, particularly in the area of search and semantics, is subverting the once vaunted democracy of the internet.

The Cult of Celebrity Poses a Significant Threat to our Deteriorating Societal infrastructure

"The Cult of Celebrity is supported by an aggressive brainwash machine promoting the wrong heroes in the face of our stressed infrastructure. For example, in a film about a brilliant mathematician, we are trained to believe that the actor is the proper icon. Or in the case of a beautiful song about human rights, we are conditioned to venerate the performer. The net result: shortages of great mathematicians, shortages of social activists, but no lack of entertainment celebrities posing as gods."

Billionaire Philanthropist is an Oxymoron

"The concept of a 'billionaire philanthropist' is an oxymoron. If somebody has amassed a billion dollars, that person likely did so by overcharging for products/services through monopolistic power in the marketplace. It would be much more impressive to see the 'billionaire philanthropist' drastically cut prices for the benefit of mankind rather than merely handing over 10%-20% of personal net worth for purposes of obtaining a tax break."

Freedom of Expression is No Longer Sufficient for a True Democracy

"There is a strange illusion of freedom in this plutocracy masquerading as a democracy. Yes, we have the freedom to be obscene, wear the latest Halloween costume, and behave rudely. But we remain slaves to a system that will imprison us if we don't pay our taxes, compels us to buy essentials from monopolies, and will seize our house if we fail to make the mortgage. Just because you can say 'f-ck' in public does not change the fact you remain a slave to the dollar bill."