"I might as well." or "why not?"

just thinkin out loud again

The name God was given to something we still don't understand.?.!.?  Most of my life I didn't consider or believe in any form of 'God' existing. My experiences lead me to do some more questioning.  At one point I asked myself, what is God?  I thought that God is the biggest thing there is.  Then I asked myself, what is the biggest thing there is?  I thought the answer was.. everything.  That was almost ten years ago.  I've thought about it every day since.  Sometimes a lot.  Sometimes, not much.  But, it's always there.

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"Welcome to the roller coaster"  -MR 

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"Can't we all just get along?"

Unity, peace, understanding, love. We can.

Is it greed, ego, jealousy, laziness, fear, addictions, closed minds?  Things like these intertwined?  They seem to create an enormous challenge.  Is making peace a challenge, a matter of time, a dream..? 

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Dear Zachary Shtogren

All type, no talk.

Culture & Religion

Is BT still considering a get-together, meeting of the minds, convention, pizza party or something? I bet a lot of experts would show up and there would be some good discussion/debate? I just hope there's pizza.