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Bryan Cranston: the journey from ‘Party Boy #2’ to movie star

How do you go from background extra to leading man? Listen to acting legend Bryan Cranston's pragmatic advice.

Want to be an artist? Why passion is more important than planning

The acting giant talks about how those in the corporate and business worlds could take a page from artists... simply by embracing a reward system not rooted in hard metrics.

Career Advice to Generations Young and Old: Learn to Work Together

Millennials are criticized for not working hard and wanting a participation trophy. Bryan Cranston doesn't buy it. He thinks they have valuable lessons to teach older generations, if they can listen.

How travel broadens the mind and gives you authentic direction in life

As a young man, Bryan Cranston spent almost two years traveling the country and figuring out what he wanted to do. It helped shape who his is more than any other time in his life.

What does it mean to fully be human? Opening yourself to uncomfortable truths

As scary as it may seem, Bryan Cranston was deeply informed by personal experience in how he approached Walter White, the character he played on the hit television program "Breaking Bad."