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Autonomous Cars 101, with Brad Templeton

It's no longer car companies innovating the future of the automobile. Driving is becoming a computerized technology, says Brad Templeton, who consulted Google on its autonomous cars.

Brad Templeton: How Bitcoin Disrupts the Finance Industry

Should you invest in Bitcoin? Maybe not, says Brad Templeton, but that doesn't mean the digital currency isn't amazing in and of itself. Templeton explains what Bitcoin achieves and how it will lead to further innovation.

Brad Templeton: Searching For a Better Battery

A breakthrough in battery technology would spark a wave of exciting tech innovations.

Why the NSA Wants a Quantum Computer, with Brad Templeton

Brad Templeton discusses the vast computational power that a quantum computer could have, provided that someone were to build one.

Today's Surveillance Society Is Way Beyond Orwellian

Brad Templeton argues that we're all a part of a surveillance apparatus that would even be beyond the imagination George Orwell.