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Learning Speeds and Styles: Is Your Mind a Hiker or a Race Car Driver?

What's the best way to learn something new? Embrace your inner imposter, and don't worry about speed—here's why.

Brain Bias: Why Not to Emulate Geniuses and Their Rigid Thinking Process

Humans tend to hunker down in our own minds and trust what we already believe to be true. This emotion-based way of thought isn't often the best way to think about anything, and often leads to gridlock.

Is It Really Possible to Change Someone's Beliefs?

Ideology doesn’t bend to reason, says Professor Barbara Oakley. Here's why we can't really change what other people believe, and why that brand of "helping" others can backfire.

Learn How to Learn Better with the Pomodoro Technique

This 25-minute learning technique is one of the simplest in the world. It's also one of the most effective, says professor of engineering Barbara Oakley.