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There Are Zero Scientists in the U.S. Senate. This Geneticist Heard the Call

President Trump disagrees with scientific consensus on a number of issues, and currently there are no scientists in the Senate. But geneticist Dr. Michael Eisen plans to change that in 2018.

Photo courtesy of Michael Eisen
Politics & Current Affairs

Americans can no longer wait for scientists to be more involved in politics. This is what Michael Eisen, professor of genetics at UC Berkeley and co-founder of the Public Library of Science, recently told Nature as he gears up to run for the Senate in 2018. He bemoans the complete absence of scientists in the Senate’s hearings, where we wishes that science-literate questions could be raised. Given what Professor Eisen describes as the present administration’s “basic rejection of the fundamental principles upon which science is based,” he has decided to devote his sabbatical this year to the preparations needed to launch a political career. Although he has no prior political experience, he notes that this past election demonstrated how little that matters to many voters. 

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How Common Cosmetic Products Damage Coral Reefs

The Mayan Riviera contains the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere. However, commonplace cosmetic products used by tourists threaten its health. A local couple is working hard to change that.

Destruction underwater.
Culture & Religion

Pancho Mendiola is an avid scuba diver living on the Caribbean shoreline. His wife, Iliana Loza, is a chemical engineer. Together, they are working to spread awareness of how chemicals in ordinary cosmetic products are damaging one of the largest and most beautiful regions in the world: the Mesoamerican Reef. In it lies the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere, spanning nearly 700 miles and a diverse array of marine wildlife, including many kinds of coral, fish, turtles and sharks.

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Fake News Did Not Affect the Election, Stanford-NYU Study Finds

A careful analysis by two economists finds that phony journalism had little influence on voters and the outcome of the election.

Culture & Religion

Despite the high volume of fake news stories on social media, new insights suggest they did not influence the outcome of the election. Rather, their impact on voters was negligible, according to a study by economists Matthew Gentzkow of Stanford University and Hunt Allcott of New York University.

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This Restaurant Rehabilitates Ex-Cons Better than Prison

Rates of crime and recidivism in America are very high. One Cleveland-based French restaurant, however, leads the way in helping ex-cons to thrive and not reoffend after their sentences.

Chef David Waltuck with a few students at Edwins restaurant in Cleveland. (Image: Edwins Instagram @edwinscle)
Culture & Religion

Of the 200+ former inmates who have trained as cooks at Edwins over the last few years, none has reoffended. The Cleveland-based French restaurant is reportedly the only American high-end restaurant to employ ex-offenders for a majority of their staff. And the food they serve is top-notch. For example, writer Douglas Trattner wrote in Cleveland Scene:

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