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Is Logic Absolute? Or Is It Relative to History?

Is logic an immutable, unchangeable set of rules? Or has it it evolved with time - and will it continue to do so?

Do We Need Philosophy in Prisons?

With the American prison system coming under fire for being inhumane, could philosophy provide some much needed compassion to its prisoners?

Has Science Conquered Metaphysics, and All of Philosophy?

What - if anything - makes metaphysics still relevant? And what's the relationship between science and metaphysics?



Maybe Huge Philanthropic Gifts Aren't What the World Needs

Unless we take a more scientific approach to philanthropy, we risk spending a lot of money doing some very backward, ineffective, and inefficient things.

Can You Fix a Broken Heart by Writing about It?

Break-ups can be bad for your health. But new research shows that writing about your separation can improve cardiac health—as long as you write in a certain way. 

Artificial Womb Technology: Who Benefits?

Artificial wombs just got a lot closer to becoming a reality. But who will benefit from this groundbreaking technology? And what do feminists have to say about it?