This Art is Not For Sale

If the art cannot sell, that is fine. 

I’m a very lucky artist. I never really cared about the market.  And from today on I will never sell one piece of work.  I will feel happy - not only happy - I will feel a great sense of achievement.  

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The Fundamental Incomprehensibility of Cats

The only thing I’ve benefited from cats is I don’t understand them. 

Question: Why do you have so many cats?

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Ai Weiwei: I'm Not an Activist

Artist Ai Weiwei sees his ongoing battles with the Chinese government as a matter of personal responsibility to "look your enemy in the face and tell them what you're fighting for." 

Personal Growth

Editors' Note: On New Year's Day, 2013, protests erupted in China's Guangdong province over government censorship of a newspaper, Southern Weekly. In highly unusual show of resistance, the paper's reporters demonstrated in the streets, protesting the rewriting of a New Year's editorial by the province's propaganda minister. 

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Chinese artist and political dissident Ai Weiwei explains why he continues to fight legal battles in Chinese courts that are rigged against him.