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Reclaim Reality, Relationships, and Your Attention Span from Your Devices

Your future happiness and success will depend on the double-edged sword of embracing new technology to stay connected, and being smart enough to unplug at the right time.

Goal Setting Is a Hamster Wheel. Learn to Set Systems Instead.

Goal setting is a hamster wheel, says Adam Alter. If you want to channel your best work and get off the failure circuit, set systems instead.

The Internet Is Heroin and Your Smartphone, the Needle

The advent of portable technology has exploited our reptilian addiction switch like never before.

The Incredible Value of Consistency

There is a lot of value in consistency, fluency, regularity.  What’s especially tricky, though, is you also need to keep a brand vibrant.

Why This Woman Will Destroy You in Chess

Even arch rationalists, people who think very carefully, are swayed by the presence of others.

How We Are Influenced by Super Symbols

Money is a very powerful symbol and it influences us in a number of different ways.

What's in a Name? Everything.

Very often the first piece of information we have about a person is their name. It’s often the first thing you learn about someone and we form judgments about people very rapidly.

Amazing Things Happen When You Paint a Jail Cell Pink

Author and NYU professor Adam Alter delves into the psychology of "drunk tank pink."