To: Healingzero

In response to: "Let me guess, love and light.
Perhaps the beginning of the end.
And the end being a new beginning.

Thank you JeffDelano for your contribution to the idea. Are you saying that the infinite God desired to see itself and to be able to this it had to become finite? It had to create something outside of itself to see it?
Everything outside of God is a finite, dieing, piece of God?

Do I understand? "

First off I would like to say that needs an inbox/outbox because I personally hate giving off information that could inhibit people's free will.  Because now someone will read this that did not ask for this information contributing to the law of confusion, so if you aren't Healingzero please don't read this, but if you still wish to then do as you will...  Your free will is all you have as of right now, and I am an absolute believer in this and I don't want to be a hypocrit.

Now to clarify love and light, love is unconditional love or understanding unconditionally, and light is wisdom.  They correspond to the Buddhist teaching of the Chakras as well, but I am no Buddhist, they just had a really good understanding of the Law of One several centuries ago.  To put love and light in to an analogous situation, lets use Ethiopia, if you were to spread love and light to Ethiopia you would give them food with no intentions for getting anything back (love) and you would then teach them how to grow food and keep it in granaries and what not (light).  The most popular person who has spread love and light in history I would say would have to be Mother Theresa hands down.

I know it seems like I'm babbling on I hope you have a while to read this because if I were to give you bits and pieces of information it would not work.

Yes you are pretty dead on with your assumption, that thing that the infinite created was the universe, at least in this octave that intelligent infinity is experiencing except nothing dies.  Everything is capable of reaching the infinite which includes you and me.  You can see how our planet is achieving this, first it began with the basic elements, wind/water/earth/fire which is the foundation, then it went on to having basic life animals/vegetation/minerals which are attempting to become self aware, then it goes on to having humans who are self aware, and next up is unconditional love or understanding.

So from my little examples you can see how the finite starts out primitive and slowly becomes the infinite itself.

Feel free to talk to me more about this if you wish.

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