Time is Not Real. It Is a Human Perception.




"There are three times; a present time about things past, a present time

about things present, a present time about things future.  The future

exists only as expectations, the past exists only as memory, but

expectation and memory exist in the present." -St. Augustine 


This is a taken from me journaling, so please excuse the disorganization of my argument.  


time is a human perception because: The human body. YOUR human body is in all three of the "times"; past present and future. Look at a clock. The person you are now, in the present, in one minute will be in the past. That same person right now is one minute in the future in the future. let me rephrase that: In one minute's time the you that you are now will be in the past. The future you will become the present you and then almost instantly the past you. therefor it is the MIND, not the body, can only be in one time at once, the present. It is the mind, or the conscious, or perception that keeps ourselves seeing things in the present. Nothing else, stones, cars, even our own bodies are in only one time at once. therefor it is a perception, not a force or dimension. 


for time to exist there needs to be a past a present and a future.The present is dependent on the the past, as is the future, and the future is dependent on the present. The past cannot be changed. The present is nothing but the perception of the future turning into the past. the future cannot be changed because it has not occurred, if it could be changed for instance if I flipped a coin and it was going to land on heads, but it was changed so that it would land on tails, the future still would not have changed. (If the future could change there would actually need to be an already existing situation that says this is the future, however if there were this situation, it would be known and therefor would have had to have happened already in the past. which no longer makes it the future) Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. in stopping one thing from happening you have created a new thing to happen, which is still the future. So if the future cannot be changed and the past cannot be changed and the present is virtually non-existant because there is not a measurement of time small enough to measure the present, than time is absolute. It is all inevitable from beginning to end. Time changes nothing. Time changes nothing. Change is NOT consequential through time. If anything time is only the measurement of change. What is the purpose of time? Time is very useful for us humans. 

-time is the measurement of changes in energy in the universe. 

-So complicated, all of it...I don't know why certain atoms are attracted to others, or why atoms even exist, or why life decided to form. Apparently it formed because a mixture of carbon and electricity, billions of years ago, on earth at least. But the purpose, why would there be life rather than not? Why not just elements?

-anyways, life could never have emerged without change. It never could have developed without change. Maybe....life did not develop the perception of time in order to evolve. 

-Non living things move with energy and need not know why. Life is change. Always from its birth to death big and small life is drastic change. Life if change, time is the measurement of change, time is the measurement of life, time cannot exist without life, time only exists because life exists, life exists because change exists....why does change exist?


why does change exist?

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