This Week in Comments: September 4th—September 10th

Another week, another thrilling installment of our Comment of the Week feature with handpicked favorites from our Facebook page. 

Another week, another thrilling installment of our Comment of the Week feature with handpicked favorites from our Facebook page. 

Climate Change Will Lead to the Largest Transfer of Wealth in the Country's History

Jody Pace: The states with the most climate change deniers are the states that will be most affected. Toche mother nature...touche.

Would You Kill Baby Hitler?

Tyler JamesNope. I'd kidnap him and make sure he was raised by a family that would encourage him to finish Art School. 

Derick La PointeBaby Adolf did nothing wrong. It was middle-aged Adolf that started doing shit. So, I'd rather not kill a baby.

12 Reasons We Should All Be More Impractical in Life

Say Keng Lee: In fact, these two traits (reading and imagination) were part of Albert Einstein's powerful habitual domain ever since the compass first fascinated him since he was a young teenager. To me, reading enriches the mind. Imagination stretches the mind.

Why Silicon Valley Titans Train Their Brains with Philosophy

David Chen: If you are really good at building machines that can do anything, at some point, you have to wonder what are all the possible things that the machine can do. Enter philosophy.

Elon Musk Warns U.S. Governors That AI Poses An "Existential Risk" to Humanity

Joyce Rasic Etter: There comes a point that humans will rely too much on technology. Rather than have machines thinking for us, we need to invest ourselves in critical thinking. Already, you see signs of people unable to problem solve the simple tasks in their lives. Invest in education.

​There are two kinds of failure – but only one is honorable

Malcolm Gladwell teaches "Get over yourself and get to work" for Big Think Edge.

Big Think Edge
  • Learn to recognize failure and know the big difference between panicking and choking.
  • At Big Think Edge, Malcolm Gladwell teaches how to check your inner critic and get clear on what failure is.
  • Subscribe to Big Think Edge before we launch on March 30 to get 20% off monthly and annual memberships.
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This is the best (and simplest) world map of religions

Both panoramic and detailed, this infographic manages to show both the size and distribution of world religions.

(c) CLO / Carrie Osgood
Strange Maps
  • At a glance, this map shows both the size and distribution of world religions.
  • See how religions mix at both national and regional level.
  • There's one country in the Americas without a Christian majority – which?
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Apparently even NASA is wrong about which planet is closest to Earth

Three scientists publish a paper proving that Mercury, not Venus, is the closest planet to Earth.

Strange Maps
  • Earth is the third planet from the Sun, so our closest neighbor must be planet two or four, right?
  • Wrong! Neither Venus nor Mars is the right answer.
  • Three scientists ran the numbers. In this YouTube video, one of them explains why our nearest neighbor is... Mercury!
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Remembering when bankers tried to overthrow FDR and install a fascist dictator

When FDR took office, the U.S. was in the grips of the Great Depression. People had grown desperate, and FDR's election seemed disastrous. Some wealthy bankers believed that it was time to take the country by force.

Image source: Topical Press Agency / Getty Images
Politics & Current Affairs
  • Though we know today that his policies eventually ended the Great Depression, FDR's election was seen as disastrous by some.
  • A group of wealthy bankers decided to take things into their own hands; they plotted a coup against FDR, hoping to install a fascist dictator in its stead.
  • Ultimately, the coup was brought to light by General Smedley Butler and squashed before it could get off the ground.
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