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This Week in Comments: January 7th—January 14th, 2018

Comments. Kids love them, parents love them. But what were the best ones this week on our Facebook? 


“Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”: How Juries Get It Wrong

Jeremy Keat: If you are to convict anybody. With all information given after presented in court, reasonable doubt is meant to be that if any case of doubt that the person did it, as non scientific or no objective proof linking to say a murder, it should be weighed as innocent.

Giving evidence that proves something beyond reasonable doubt would be needed to convict and we cant just go from intuition or feelings or even tons of evidence the defendant has on them to suspect them and nobody else.

One problem is when jurors may think they know right from the beginning due to personal bias or arrogance. Think of 12 angry men. They wouldve convicted the guy, if not for the one with reasonable doubt who basically broke it down and the facts were he was clearly innocent.


A.I. Will Serve Humans—But Only About 1% of Them

Brandon HellbuschWe already have capitalist machines that put profit before everything else. They are called corporations. That is why income inequality is horrible right now. These AI are just an extension of a problem we already have.

3 Flavors of Liberalism: Rational, Romantic, Realist

Gordo Tron: People get so triggered when they hear the word liberal. The word liberal is used here to describe the temperament of someone, not their political identity.

Eric Souliage: exactly i'm a social liberal and a fiscal conservative , my political afiliation is libetarian ( no not the american tea party conservative yahoo pseudo "libetarian" more Marquis de Chavaniac libetarian.

You Can Watch Carl Sagan's 'Cosmos' Marathon Right Now, For Free


Leylani Figueroa: Amazing series and full of wisdom. We need more Sagan's in the world right now.

Live on Tuesday | Personal finance in the COVID-19 era

Sallie Krawcheck and Bob Kulhan will be talking money, jobs, and how the pandemic will disproportionally affect women's finances.

Tiny area of brain may be 'engine of consciousness', scientists suggest

A recent study on monkeys found that stimulating a certain part of the forebrain wakes monkeys from anesthesia.

Jon Olav Eikenes via Flickr
Surprising Science
  • Scientists electrically stimulated the brains of macaque monkeys in an effort to determine which areas are responsible for driving consciousness.
  • The monkeys were anesthetized, and the goal was to see whether activating certain parts of the brain would wake up the animals.
  • The forebrain's central lateral thalamus seems to be one of the "minimum mechanisms" necessary for consciousness.
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Why is everyone so selfish? Science explains

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the perception of selfishness among many.

Credit: Adobe Stock, Olivier Le Moal.
Personal Growth
  • Selfish behavior has been analyzed by philosophers and psychologists for centuries.
  • New research shows people may be wired for altruistic behavior and get more benefits from it.
  • Crisis times tend to increase self-centered acts.
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How Hemingway felt about fatherhood

Parenting could be a distraction from what mattered most to him: his writing.

Ernest Hemingway Holding His Son 1927 (Wikimedia Commons)
Culture & Religion

Ernest Hemingway was affectionately called “Papa," but what kind of dad was he?

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The biology of aliens: How much do we know?

Hollywood has created an idea of aliens that doesn't match the science.

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