"None of my videos have any common tie to them," says Brooke Candy, a rapper who has offered her picks of YouTube as part of an original MOCAtv series called "YouTube Curated By." 

"It's all pretty erratic, like myself," she says. Indeed, Candy's picks are quirky and eccentric and speak to both her personality and stripper-meets-Tumblr aesthetic

In an email exchange, I asked Candy to what extent sharing platforms like Pinterest or Facebook or Youtube allow us to be erratic, in a refreshing and liberating sort of way, without any need to have a common theme. 

Here's what she responded:

You can have an idea, a thought or see something that inspires you and instantly share it with the world.  You can also create art with people you have never met before, all because you share the same interests, it blows my mind.

All walks of life can now interact with each other in a way that was just not possible before, the value of that is priceless.  Sharing platforms allow free thought, escapism and an audience that would be otherwise impossible to reach. 

See Brooke Candy's picks here:

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Image courtesy of Shutterstock