Big Think and Kellogg Debut New Program to Help You Act Ethically and Perform Brilliantly

Big Think and the Kellogg School of Management have launched a new executive training program, Ethics in Action. This unique, expert-driven, program is designed to help corporations address the ethical dilemmas their executives face today in a systematic, dynamic and engaging manner, with video modules and follow-up lessons on topics from dealing with cultural differences in the workplace to balancing profit maximization with social responsibility.

"Ethics have become a major issue for companies large and small," said Big Think co-founder and CEO Victoria R.M. Brown. "Recent research shows that companies with clear, common-sense ethics guidelines outperform their competitors in almost all areas, including stock performance and revenue -- and are more successful at recruiting and retaining employees."

To develop Ethics in Action, Big Think partnered with the Kellogg School of Management, a leader in executive education. Kellogg's Executive MBA program is ranked first in the nation by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Kellogg has long been at the forefront of including ethics education as a key component of its business programs. 

This unique program builds on Kellogg's long academic experience, and on Big Think's experience with Big Think Edge, our professional development platform, which include Ethics among more than a dozen training modules.

"With Edge, we've built a platform that can serve the diverse needs of businesses that need to train their executives on key leadership concepts, including Ethics, Productivity, and Mentoring," said Brown. "With Ethics in Action, we're providing a way for executives to go deeper on key ethics-related topics."

Ethics in Action is built on case studies focusing on the real ethical issues that have faced major companies. Featured experts include academics, activists and corporate leaders such as Harvard Business School's Max Bazerman, Kellogg's Harry Kraemer (former Baxter CEO), consumer advocate Erin Brockovich, and Mark Tercek, President and CEO of The Nature Conservancy.

More information on Ethics in Action is available here

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