In yesterday's lesson, astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson advised parents to buy their children binoculars, and then get out of the way, if they want to instill a sense of curiosity. But it normally doesn't happen that way. 

Curiosity means spilling things, breaking things. In some cases, it means blowing up things. That is what happened to a Florida teen whose science project got out of control. Student Kiera Wilmot mixed some house chemicals in a plastic bottle. The reaction blew the top off the bottle and produced some smoke. 

That was nothing compared to the way the adults reacted. They are charging the student with a felony. According to a local TV station, "authorities arrested her and charged her with possession/discharge of a weapon on school property and discharging a destructive device." 

Despite an exemplary record, Wilmot is being expelled from school. 

So what's the moral of this story?

As Neil deGrasse Tyson said, we spend the first year of a child's life teaching him or her to walk and talk, "and the rest of their lives telling them to shut up and sit down."

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