Ben & Jerry's Makes Gay Marriage A Little Sweeter

What is the Big Idea?

While the British Parliament started its debate on legalizing gay marriage last week, ice cream maker Ben & Jerry's changed the name of its apple pie flavor to "Apple-y Ever After" in hopes of showing lawmakers their support, according to The Los Angeles Times. The labels shows two men in tuxedos on top of a wedding cake.

When Ben & Jerry's home state of Vermont legalized gay marriage back in 2009, they celebrated by changing the name of their "Chubby Hubby" flavor to "Hubby Hubby."

In a statement posted to their website, the company’s UK subsidiary announced: “Social justice is at the core of our values. Since our humble beginning 34 years ago, Ben & Jerry's has been an advocate for equal rights. (Did you know we were one of the first companies in the US back in 1993 that widened our health & employment benefits umbrella to recognize unmarried domestic partners regardless of their sexual orientation?).”

What is the Significance?

Walmart was once a company that did not have the same wholesome, sweet image embodied by Ben & Jerry's. In fact, they were on what Aron Cramer said was the "wrong side of a lot of issues —environmental issues, labor issues, etc."

Knowing this, the leaders at Walmart took great strides to make sustainability one of the "central elements of their business strategy," said Cramer, who is the CEO of Business for Social Responsibility.

"The only way to have a truly successful enterprise in the 21st Century is to think about business as a steward of natural resources, an engine of innovation, and an institution that can help to build thriving communities," said Cramer. "There’s huge business opportunities for companies that achieve that kind of vision for what business can do.  That’s the right direction for any company to head."

Watch Aron Cramer talk about the importance of corporate social responsibility:

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