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In this episode: 
 is a force of nature. She won the coveted Ted Hughes award for her epic poem Brand New Ancients, which she toured internationally as a stage show to massive critical acclaim. Her novelistic 2014 rap album Everybody Down takes hip-hop in entirely new directions. And with 2016's The Bricks That Built the Houses, she has reworked these ideas into a deeply moving and powerful novel (her first) about four friends in her native South London. 

Our conversation starts here, with the challenges and discipline of novel-writing and travels through deep and personal territory, as Kate talks passionately about art and the human heart in our "tragic and troubling times" with host Jason Gots.  

NOT TO BE MISSED: Kate's breathtaking, spontaneous poetic monologue at the very end of the show. 
I went to the coast the other day… I went to just, to look at the sea, and look at the sky. I went to the coast. Before coming out here. And I was standing on the edge of the land. And I thought about England. I feel very close to the soil there of course, it’s where I’m from. And I realized that, you know it’s just this piece of land. It sounds so ridiculous but this is what I thought. And on top of this piece of land it’s just populated by this kind of noise. Humanity, we’ve built these cities, and we just tell these stories to each other about who we are and what we do. And we tell this story about wealth and money and how we make exchange for goods and services. And we tell stories about schooling, and education, and healthcare…  It’s just stories.   And I stood there and I watched the water come in and go out on the land and I thought “This is real." And everything, the way we structure ourselves, our power structures within our families, the way we fall in love––it’s just stories that we tell. It’s just narrative. And I understand this because I’m a teller of stories. I understand how important they are. I’m in love with stories, of course.   And I thought: Well, if you want to make a change, you just need to change the narrative. You just to need change the dominant cultural narrative. And you just need to be open to hearing stories––the stories of the people that you’re not listening to. Because these stories are being told. They’re all over the land. And if we could just learn…the first thing we need to do is hear each other, and the next thing we need to do is just to change the fucking narrative. -- Kate Tempest

Surprise discussion clips in this episodeAugusten Burroughs on writer's block and William Shatner on science and imagination. 

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