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100,000 or so years of human history and young adulthood is still getting weirder.  

My guest today is actor and filmmaker Noël Wells. She’s been a cast member of Saturday Night Live. She played Rachel on the Netflix series Master of None. And she’s making her directorial debut with Mr. Roosevelt, a sweet, moving indie comedy that’s ostensibly about a dead cat, but that’s really about that very awkward and for some of us very protracted moment of coming to terms with life as a grown up. 

Surprise conversation-starter clips in this episode

Reza Aslan on what religion is for, David Eagleman on creativity

Noel Wells Quote: I’ve thought a lot about the confluence of the internet,  the crashing economy, and the  truly psychologically, spiritually,  and emotionally traumatizing  event that was 9/11…all of those  things have combined to impact  my generation in a way that I don’t  think people have fully become aware of. I think we’re stagnated. I think we’re fearful. There’s a lot of love for nostalgia. People my age love the things that happened to them when they were kids because I think it’s the last time they felt truly safe.


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