There's something wrong with our currencies

Our currencies keep loosing their value. It seems we are all paying an inflation tax.

Different kind on inflation (or deflation) forces exist, like productivity, cost of raw materials (driven by supply and demand), and creating new money.

The classic case to disprove that our currencies loose its value is to point to the significant drop in the price of electronics and computers. This however is caused by gigantic increases in productivity and decreases in the cost of production and transportation. These counter the decreasing value of our currencies and produce a net decrease in price.

If you look at the total amount of interest that is due globally it is clear that this amount can never be repaid with the current money supply. And the total amount of interest due grows steadily every year. Its an exponential growth that seems bound to collapse since it requires perpetual creation of new money.

Why does every currency seem to be affected by this inflation, and how can it be fixed?

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