There is a proven way to eliminate HIV without chemicals -Viva Biomagnetism!!!

Fellow Philanthropists,

I traveled to Mexico to learn a holistic therapy called "El Par Biomagnetico" created by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran. I am a producer and have been working on a documentary that proves (with lab work results) that  "El Par Biomagnetico" can eliminate HIV from the body (among many other diseases). As soon as I have some clips edited, I will post my findings. In one case where there were 15,000 viral copies in the individual, after only one treatment and a month after having the treatment done, the individual had an ELISA test done and his viral copies had dropped down to 9,000!!! I expect that as time goes by and the body continues it's elimination process, the lab results will keep showing a drop in viral load.

I believe this to be life changing to many and invite any of you who are HIV positive (and NOT on Meds) who would like to part take in this documentary to reach me if you are in the LA area. I will balance you free of charge if you are willing to share your story on film.

My goal is to teach this technique to the youth in AIDS devastated areas thru out the world so that they may treat their community free of charge. The beauty of this therapy is that 10,000 gauss magnets are relatively inexpensive. We could create these "Medi-Hubs" all over the world and provide health to those who need it the most inexpensively for a wide array of illnesses!!!

 Who's on board? I know I am! Together we can truly create a new world where only love and light reside! Do you believe? I do!!! =) 

Peace and Blessings to All,

Laura Carlos. 

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