Mark Bittman on At-Home Cooking and the Cult of 'Foodies'

Bestselling cookbook author and New York Times food columnist Mark Bittman stopped by the Big Think offices a few weeks ago to talk with us about eating, cooking, and the cult of "foodies." For novice at-home cooks, he suggests keeping a set of sharp knives and a range of spices around in your kitchen -- as well as garlic, eggs, olive oil and other staples. Bittman adopted a healthier diet over the past few years, eating only

fruits and vegetables before sundown (though whatever he wants in the

evening) -- he explains how this has benefited him, and talks about

what people can do on a daily basis to eat and cook better food.

He also touches on some current proposals circulating through state and local governments to tax sugary sodas and eliminate salt from restaurants, and reveals what he would

prepare if he had nothing ready and guests arriving in an hour. And while he enjoyed shooting

television episodes in Spain with Mario Batali and Gwyneth Paltrow

(or at least drinking and eating with them afterthe show wrapped in the

evenings), he says his wife and kids are his favorite people to cook


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