FollowFriday Friendapalooza: The Great Big Think Twitter War

This week Big Think decided to give Twitter a big bear hug. Why? We realized the Twitosphere had (undeservedly) become the neglected stepchild of our various social media profiles. To date, we have accumulated nearly 30,000 followers, and appreciate the twaffic they help bring to Big Think. We've even sought the advice of the former U.S. Poet Laureate, Robert Pinsky, on how to compose the perfect Tweet. And yet, we noticed that some of our own have embarrassingly few followers and are tweeting with woefully inadequate frequency.

A principal offender is Big Thinker @DanielHonan, a relative newcomer to the Twitter game. Some have suggested his Twitter deficiency is due to a long-winded manner that does not lend itself well to 140-character posts.

On the other hand, one would think that Big Thinker @AndrewDermont's self-absorbed nature would make him a flourishing Twitter user, but alas.

And so we decided to change all of that. @DanielHonan and @AndrewDermont challenged each other to a Tweet-off. We wondered how each of them might improve their twettiquette. Would @AndrewDermont's celebrity syndrome hold him back? Would @DanielHonan be called out on his bulltwit? Most importantly, who would be rewarded with the most followers? But what began as a healthy competition soon turned into an all-out Twitter War.

Now you get to decide who deserves to come out on top. @DanielHonan and @AndrewDermont each have 140 characters to state their cases for why they are the most worthy of your follow. 1,2,3,4, we declare a Twitter War. Go!

@DanielHonan: I RT b4 I get outta bed in da AM. Chk me 4 FAV daily twitamin FTW @AndrewDermont = TrashTweeter BFN

@AndrewDermont: @danielhonan is a communist friend follower. I took this twitpic of him at #OWS.

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