"Don't Push Tiger Woods Off On Us"

"We all cheat," says C.U.N.Y. Graduate Center professor of sociology Juan Battle. "The difference is, we don't get caught and we don't do stupid things like leave ridiculous messages on the voicemail of a cocktail waitress out of Vegas." In his Big Think interview, Battle discusses the enduring double standard when it comes to male and female infidelity.

Battle also delves into the phenomenon that is Hillary Clinton. Why is it that women seem to either love her or hate her? Battle believes it all stems from an insecurity: Hillary didn't leave a man who cheated on her. "How dare she be so strong as to not do something I am too weak to do?" Battle also discusses fear of black sexuality and its origins, as well as the sexual legacies of icons such as Big Mama Thorton and Bessie Smith.

A dark matter hurricane is crashing into Earth

Giving our solar system a "slap in the face."

Surprising Science
  • A stream of galactic debris is hurtling at us, pulling dark matter along with it
  • It's traveling so quickly it's been described as a hurricane of dark matter
  • Scientists are excited to set their particle detectors at the onslffaught
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We are heading for a New Cretaceous, not for a new normal

The climate change we're witnessing is more dramatic than we might think.

Image credit: NASA Goddard Space Flight Center from Greenbelt, MD, USA
Surprising Science

A lazy buzz phrase – 'Is this the new normal?' – has been doing the rounds as extreme climate events have been piling up over the past year. To which the riposte should be: it's worse than that – we're on the road to even more frequent, more extreme events than we saw this year.

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New study reveals what time we burn the most calories

Once again, our circadian rhythm points the way.

Photo: Victor Freitas / Unsplash
Surprising Science
  • Seven individuals were locked inside a windowless, internetless room for 37 days.
  • While at rest, they burned 130 more calories at 5 p.m. than at 5 a.m.
  • Morning time again shown not to be the best time to eat.
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