Big Think Partners with the Hudson Union Society

Big Think is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Hudson Union Society, which we hope will be a mutually beneficial arrangement to help foster our shared goal of engaging the public with the thoughts, ideas and experiences of experts and distinguished luminaries.

The Hudson Union Society invites trailblazers from the fields of entertainment, government, business, military, and science — actor Anne Hathaway, Prime Minister David Cameron, economist Thomas Friedman, and General Wesley Clark to name just a few— to share their perspectives in an intimate setting, encouraging a style of discourse rarely found in the main stream media, save for here at Big Think, of course.

As a token of Big Think's optimism about the arrangement, we would like to offer new visitors from the Hudson Union Society's mailing list a 50% discount to the Floating University's first course, Great Big Ideas, using discount code HUDSON. Great Big Ideas is "an entire undergraduate education while standing on one foot" delivered by an all-star cast of today's most respected and well-liked academics and practitioners, such as linguist Steven Pinker, physicist Dr. Michio Kaku, investor Bill Ackman — an intellectual feast for students and life long-learners alike.   

We also invite Big Think visitors who live in the New York area to visit the Hudson Union Society's website, where they'll find an extraordinary lineup of speaking events, film premieres, and mixers over the coming months.  

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