We at Big Think are thrilled to join the YouTube partner program with the launch of Big Think Mentor, a subscription channel designed to meet a growing demand among our audience to see the world-class ideas on Big Think transformed into actionable tools to improve their lives. 

Mentor offers e-learners access to personal and efficient e-guidance from Big Think's world-renowned experts on how to live a happier, healthier and more productive life.

A free two-week trial is available for Mentor through YouTube, where subscribers can sample workshops including Tim Ferris’ “How to Hack Your Life” and Maria Konnikova’s “How to Think Like Sherlock Holmes.

In addition to the support we have been receiving from our audience, we are also very grateful for the positive attention we've received today in the media, including this article in The Washington Post:

Another launch partner includes the e-learning company BigThink, which will be offering a paid channel for $2.99 a month to get access to lectures from experts such as physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson or “Four-Hour Work Week” author Tim Ferris.

The paid channel will differ from the company’s free YouTube channel by offering more focused lectures, said chief executive Victoria Brown. Subscribers will also have access to features such as live question-and-answer sessions and special message boards.

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