The Sunni-Shiite Conflict, Islam & The American Media.

The Sunni-Shia conflict is something that raged on since the beginning


of  Islam, and it will surely go on for countless centuries. Both groups


share the same principles of Islam, but I guess what you would call,


"slight technicalities" separate the two. The main different is that Shia


Muslims believe that when Muhammad died, leadership should've have


been passed directly to his cousin/son-in-law. They have not recognize


elected Islam leaders throughout history, and instead follow a line of


Imams that hey believe to be chosen by Muhammad or God Himself.


Sunnis believe that an elected official capable of leadership should be


elected, and the leaders power may be revoked by the people as


necessary. Shia Muslims feel hostility toward some of the elected


leaders that were Muhammad's companions, because of their opinions


and actions. There are, of course more minor details


The media in general, especially the American media, are out to catch the action.


The money is in the action-packed battles and scandal-filled feuds, and in this


strongly capitalist society, money is all that matters. They don't need to stop and


waste time on detail. That is when your average American gets bored, and


switches channels to learn more about Paris Hilton's newest felony, or Lindsey


Lohan's progress in rehab. The reality is, Americans sometimes tend not to care


much about complicated and ancient details. The media is trying to portray the


conflicts occurring for no apparent reason, other than Muslims living in countries


such as Iraq or Iran or Afghanistan or Pakistan are barbarian anarchists. That is


more interesting and entertaining than a reporter standing in the studio, explaining


the details. America being a primarily Christian nation, they want people to look


how the Muslims are handling their differences, and then here, all the Christian


sects live together peacefully. Actually, the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland


have a bloody history of fighting. The average American is extremely ill-informed


by the media. It is not convenient enough to look into a complicated item of


interest. It is easier to turn the TV on and trust the friendly reporter that he is


telling the absolute truth.

            Even for those who understand the differences between the two sects, it


is hard to understand why there is a war going on over a few small details.


You'd think, "Why can't they just settle their differences and get along?" That is


kind of like saying, "Why can't conservatives and liberals just get along? They


aren't much different." That is eerily similar to the Shia and Sunni war, because


America is in the same type of civil war. Conservatives vs. Liberals. The actual


meaning of the two groups is long since unknown, as all you can do is pin


political stances and opinions on the two groups, such as all liberals being against


the death penalty, and all conservatives are against abortion. This very strongly


relates to the two Muslim sects. What a lot of Americans can't understand is the


strong passion and love and hate the followers are brought up with. That is all


they know, and they will fight for it to the end. Their life is no price to pay for


fighting God's war. This is the same with Muslims and Jews and Christians and


Muslims and so on. We all kill each other because God told us to.

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