The Spiritual Realm

In the Bible it says in the begining there was darkness, then there was light.  From that you can see that light is the basis of creation.  The exact opposite of black holes are white holes, a force that instead of sucking in matter and gravity it spews out matter and light.  Studies have shown that these white holes appear out of nowhere in the vacuums of space.

Stars are then formed out of a large collection of matter and with stars using nuclear fusion they take the basic element of hydrogen and start forming helium all the way up to uranium.  All of this information can and should make the big bang theory null and void.  It wasn't a very good theory to begin with anyways, because it has already been proven that the universe isn't expanding, the universe is scientifically proven to be infinite.

Some force which inhabited the universe before it was really the universe must have allowed for the physical universe to take shape with this light, whether this source be natural or planned the force allowed it.  Now when you think about it, we are still in this original realm except for now it is inhabited by matter.

We as humans are able to rearrange this matter to our liking, making us creators with the already created material.  We seem to be steadily advancing on this act of creation every day forming something more complex.  4.5 billion years ago the earth was created and it only consisted of the basic elements in a state of chaos, look at what we humans have created now that we are more spiritual beings over our animal friends and the basic elements.

When earth is ready for the next step of spiritual advancement more spiritually advanced beings will exist on our planet being more able to shape earth to their liking and in more harmony with earth as well.  That's a gigantic leap to take compared to the monkeys to humans leap, although that was large in it's own sense.  Imagine a species of animals that is more harmonious with the earth than Native Americans, more technologically and scientifically advanced than the Westerners, and more spiritually enlightened than the Buddhists.

I've gone somewhat off topic on that, but what I was trying to get at is humans are trying to be more in touch with that original realm, (the Christians call that realm Heaven and where "God" resides, I call it the infinite where we shall reside some day) that spiritual realm of creation.  We are taking baby steps of course, but the end result will be infinite knowledge and the infinite to the power of infinity.

What do you guys think of this?  Do you see any holes in this theory?

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